short film “time past” director’s cut world premeire

Well this is the first real post of the new
I have to say it’s a bit weird writing on here in this new format, but I will get used to it.

This site will be overgoing changes in appearance, updates, and new additions as I customize it more. I added pages at the top, but they are still under construction.
Anyway, let’s get down to business!

the past 2 weeks i have been substitute teaching full-time. It has been great because I hadn’t been able to work aside from the fireworks stand since last june. It feels good to be productive and contribute. I was at glencliff for half of the jobs, one for 3 days in theater. It was great being back in theater because I saw my former students from last semester. One of my students said “Mr. Conley, I see you so much now that I don’t even think of you as a sub anymore.” I thought that was pretty cool. Getting up early took some getting used to but I’ve gotten the hang of it now.

I haven’t had a lot of time in the past 2 weeks to do much but I have managed to do some things.

i spent last weekend color correcting and re-editing a director’s cut of my very first short film “time past” that i shot back in 2006. it stars taylor rust and is shot in the neighborhood where i grew up and at an old donut shop. so without further adieu, the world premeire director’s cut of “time past”

this will be posted in the videos section. it is part of my old video series that i am starting. I will be re-editing/color correcting my old short films and posting them on here.

in endamori news, we are having some equipment issues, so we may not be going into the studio as soon as we originally planned.

currently reading tom robbins “half asleep in frog pajamas”
currently listening to npr, the new wilco record “the whole love,” elsiane “hybrid,”  my ipod on shufffle: rodan, death cab for cutie’s “we have the facts and we’re voting yes,” boards of canada, those lavender whales, third memory, ray barbee

up next: a photograph from the “burned “series from 2006, and “plastic camera” series that will be posted on my new archival film site that i will be unveiling next post.

stay tuned!


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