shaving off the minutes of life – “from negatives,” archival film site, “burn” series, leica portraits

i have been working so much lately  it’s been difficult to find time to do anything. i have been teaching almost 5 days a week when permissible. it’s been so great and my first check since june came in the mail last week. it’s financial catch up time and im on the right track.

i did manage to write a short story about subbing last week and will be posting that to the words section very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

in photography news, i am proud to introduce my new archive film site, “from negatives. i will be uploading pictures i have scanned from negatives dating back to 8 or so years ago. they will be broken up into series’ based on themes. up first is the “burn” series.  this series was shot in north carolina back in the fall of 2006. here a few from the series.

bird bath (2006) north carolina. shot on bell and howell FD35 on kodak c-41 black and white

cans (north carolina 2006) shot with bell and howell FD35 on kodak black and white

view the rest of the series on my archival film website “from negatives”

also i am finally shooting film again! although it is not my camera, it was my film. these are some portraits of seth i took with his leica 35mm with my expired 200 speed film.

seth (september 2011)  leica portrait

seth (september 2011)  leica portrait 

and some portraits seth shot of me as well

(september 2011) leica portrait by seth dana

(september 2011) leica portrait by seth dana

pictures from t rust’s show at springwater in august and those lavender whales (columbia, south carolina) at springwater are up now on digital nashville.

i’m currently drinking cuban coffee and listening to npr.

i’m halfway through tom robbins “half asleep in frog pajamas.” ive been reading it on my planning periods while teaching and i’m hooked.

i’ve been listening to the new mogwai e.p. “earth division,”  the album leaf, deerhunter, fyoelk, grandaddy, and the sea and cake

currently watching that 70’s show, and my so called life

up next i will finally edit some pictures from my last trip to europe december 2010-january 2011. dublin, munich/bavaria, deutschland, and barcelona spain.

stay tuned.


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