shoes crack where you walk: short story, music video, orange film series, digital series

its been almost 2 weeks since the last post, i am getting behind again on here. c’est la vie.

as i had mentioned in the last post, i wrote new short story a week or so ago. it was my first i have written in years. it is called “subbing” and is a reflection on my time as a substitute. check it out. it has been posted in the words section of this site.

this past tuesday, a friend of mine david poag shot and directed a music video in my house for the country artist corey smith. i shot stills for it. it was fun. it was shot on my porch, livingroom, hallway, my bedroom, kitchen and attic. GAC even came over to film us making it and interview david. it was directed by david poag, dp by andy kugler. when there is a cut of it online, i will post it here. there are too many stills to choose from, i took almost a thousand, and edited it down to 450 or so.

in other news, in my vw golf, i hit 222,222 miles. and to document this momentous occasion i of course photographed it.

in photography news, i have added 2 new series.

digital series “recycler” up in the photography section. this will be updated more and more as i get to it.

here is one from the “recycler” series (2011)

recycler (2011) canon t2i with FD 28mm

new film series entitled “orange series part 1” (2009)

here is one from the orange series. i know this is morbid subject matter, but i walked out of my house and this dog had been hit by a car and left in front of my house. this is in memory.

dead dog (2009) orange plastic goodwill camera with 200 speed kodak film

in endamori news, we are waiting to find out when we can get in the studio to record our e.p., and in the meantime we starting writing parts for 2 new songs for the LP.

in kafka on the shore news, i have 6 songs written and mostly recorded for the new full-length. slow and steady…

currently listening to lauryn hill unplugged, the bird and the bee, pinback, rob crow, coconut records, goblin cock

currently finishing franz kafka short stories

that’s all for now, a bunch of new links have been added to the right so check those out as well.

and stay tuned.


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