spanish for dummies

so i got asked to take over the spanish 1 class at glencliff high school and taught tuesday-friday, and will be teaching next week as well. i took french but learned enough spanish to teach the lessons. i feel like im picking it up pretty fast. mi gusta comer las papas fritas y beber el jugo. yo soy de nashville y mi gusta montrar bicicleta. Que tiempo hacer? el frios. It’s kind of cool because I am learning spanish to teach spanish, so i am learning a language. The only problem is that I am teaching the lessons the teacher left for the kids but I am getting paid the same as if I was just showing a video. It’s not fair but c’est la vie. So work and more work is all i feel like i have done lately. But fall break is coming up soon so I will get a much needed break.

this weekend was amazing. on saturday october 1st there was so much to do in nashville. in the morning there was the international cultural celebrate nashville festival.  “This event shows the diversity encompassing over 50 cultures that live in Nashville through dance, music, visual arts, a children’s area, a Teens United Area, an educational Global Village, and exotic food samplings.” I also saw a lot of my students there from Glencliff. After that, I went to the schermerhorn symphony center because they were having free shows in the laura turner concert hall all day. I had never been inside. It was beautiful, architecture, layout, everything. I watched the nexus chamber orchestra and they finished with a cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. After that I walked to the arcade and went to the Art Crawl, it was the 2nd annual Sound Crawl. There was a great photography exhibit, and the Society Of Nashville Artistic Photographer’s (which i just recently joined) had a gallery in the Twist. I may try to participate in a gallery in the future. I made my rounds and enjoyed a lot of the galleries. After that I went back to the Schermerhorn and met up with my Dad and his girlfriend Trish. We went in and caught Rumba, the last free show.  it’s days like these that make me love living here in nashville. All of these events were part of ARTober, where Metro Nashville is trying to make the city aware of the arts through sponsored international events and gatherings. I’d say they are doing a great job.

in other other news, the truck that has been in the family since i bought it from steven is going to be sold very soon. it is sad, as everyone in my family except my sister has driven it at one time, but it must go.

in photography news, i am adding part 2 of the “orange plastic camera” series. these are from the dolcim european tour at peays bay, scotland summer 2009.peays bay scotland, summer 2009. orange plastic camera with expired 200 speed film.

check this rest out at from negatives

that’s all for now.

currently listening to:  dismemberment plan, leona naess, the presidents of the united states of america, red house painters, glen hanserd, the swell season, pinback.

stay tuned. next, probably a portrait series of my elementary students from 2007 or so.


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