time passed (short story)

I added a new story to the “words” section.

I started writing this story on the airplane leaving dublin in late december 2010. I forgot about it over the years but recently found it and made some revisions.

I still remember the cold vividly and the misery of unfriendly time that dragged on.


time passed (december 2010)

It was late, and I was standing in the snow on O’connell street, waiting for the bus.

I had to catch bus 16a to the airport, I was leaving for Munich.

It was freezing, like I had never experienced. A cold that grabbed ahold of you and squeezed, with no hope of letting go. I was wearing several layers and two pairs of socks. It didn’t help that I had been in and out of the snow all day as I didn’t have a place to stay. I would stand on one foot and then the other to get the blood pumping through my feet. It was a cold that mocked your inability to cope.

After 10 minutes a bus came. Some people got off, and out of nowhere people came to get on this bus. I wasn’t as familiar with the numbers and what they meant, I knew 16a went to the airport as did 747, but I assumed that this bus would take me closer to one of those buses.
I stepped on and asked:

“Are you going to the airport?”
”No, that’s 747” he replied.

I got off. The bus sped away in the brown slush of the streets.

The snow was still falling; in huge white pieces.

The others next to me were just standing there, untouched by the cold, like robots.

10 more minutes went by. It was getting colder; my feet were stinging. I had just bought some food from lidl: peanut butter, a loaf of bread and some sea salt vinegar chips. I was taking off my glove to eat some chips, but I had to keep switching hands.
Another bus came, but I could tell as it got closer it wasn’t the right one.

Suddenly people appeared from the shadows. Slow walking figures. Where are they coming from? Where are they going?

This bus stopped, opened its door and waited for a while.

More people came, but the bus didn’t move. The driver just kept the doors open.

After another 5 minutes, someone asked why he was still there.

Suddenly the driver hopped off the bus into the snow and in a convenience mart right behind us.

After a quick discussion with the attendant, he walked out with a coffee and got back onto the bus.

More time passed and he finally drove off

Some more people came and stood.

After another 10 minutes a bus came.

Not going to the airport either.

At this point, I didn’t care where the bus was going, I just wanted to get on to stay warm.

The next bus that came I got on and asked when a bus from the airport was coming.

“The next one” he said.

I got off and stood, hoping he was right.

I had been carrying my luggage bag around with me because the handle had broken my first day in Dublin. This bag had collected a considerable amount of snow on it since I had been standing there.

It had been about an hour since I walked up, and I thought about just giving up and walking back to the irish equivalent of mcdonald’s that I had been stealing internet from.

I saw a bus in the distance, and when it got closer I could make out the numbers 7, 4, and 7.

Finally my bus.

I waited for the others and got on.

I scanned my one day rambler card and threw my luggage on the rack.

I fell asleep as soon as I sat down.



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