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Sean Conley is a freelance Director of Photography and colorist in Portland, Oregon. His work has been screened in the UK, Korea and US. His focus is on narrative films, documentaries, and music videos. He has worked with Netflix, A24, Nike, Adobe, Investigation Discovery, Lifetime, Keurig, AARP, Dr. Martens, Salvation Army, and Mercy Corps. He teaches Advanced Camera Workshops on the Sony FS7, Canon C100 MKII, Music Video Production, Narrative Filmmaking and Color Grading on DaVinci Resolve at Open Signal Portland Community Media. He is also an OMPA Member.

Sony FS7, RED Scarlet-W, Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Canon C300 MKII, Arri Alexa Mini, Arri Alexa XT, RED Epic-W Helium 8K, Canon C100 MKII, Sony a7sii/rii, Sony a6500/6300, Kinefinity Mavo.

Arri SXU-1 Follow Focus, Tilta Nucleus-M, Preston FI+Z3, MOVI M5/M10, GIMBAL, EASY RIG

Interview with No Film School at NAB 2018

Leavenworth, Washington Tourism Commercials (October 2018) Photo by Edward P Davee

Hatched (October 2018) Photos by Robert Schmeltzer)

Hatched (Photos by Jill Petracek)

Laura Gibson Domestication (September 2018) Photos by Liz Vaughan

Pickathon Luna Sessions (August 2018) Photos by Jill Petracek

Dodgr “H.O.T.” Music Video (July 2018) Photos by Mahesh Madhav

T.Spoon “Healthy” Music Video (June 2018) Photos by Alex Fattal

Kinefinity Mavo and Atlas Lens Promo in Vegas (2018)

Henry’s Hair Feature Documentary (2018)

Imprint Music Video (2017) Photo by Kostia Masalenko

Various Productions 2017-2018