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endamori july 15th 2012

endamori july 15th 2012

Members of dolcim (cease upon the capitol) and qui sumus. progressive, hardcore/screamo


members: brandon-(bass, vocals) josh-(guitar, vocals) and sean– (drums, vocals)



members of cease upon the capitol. heavy, dark hardcore, screamo.


full-length “guillotine ride” out now on vinyl on react with protest records, and tape on sleepinghouse records

2nd full length “we carry the fire” out now on react with protest records

members: justin-drums, vocals, matt-guitar, vocals and sean bass, vocals


kafka on the shore

members: sean-drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, sounds


sr012: full-length tape “content to drift” may 2009

sr011: “killing time and injuring eternity” re-release 6 song e.p. digital download out now february 2011



an instrumental band

members: jacob-keyboards, larry-drums, sean-bass.


“pat brown’s killing for sport” live at the barn 2-16-08

live at the barn” cd and dvd now available on sleepinghouse records


cease upon the capitol

members of baldwin mass suicide. screamo/post-hardcore members: matt (vocals, guitar) ryan (drums, vocals) roy (bass, vocals)[fall 2006-fall 2007] sean (bass)[summer 2007] ben (vocals, bass)[summer 2004-summer 2006] ian (bass)[spring 2004]



sean and taylor (2006)

a two-piece instrumental band, drums and guitar that existed from 2005-2007. members: taylor (guitar, vocals) sean (drums) ten remastered cd now available on sleepinghouse records




instrumental 2003-2005

members: taylor (guitar, piano, keyboard) sean (drums, guitar, keyboards)

two full-length albums work in progress and a likely story out on sleepinghouse records

new songs found and re-release of a likely story and work in progress.


all music © 2008-2208 endamori, vel0, greenhill, kafka on the shore © 2008-2208 by sean conley

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