Kinefinity Mavo and Atlas Orion Anamorphic Promo (2018) Cinematography by Sean Conley, QingQing Lui, Talent Raafi Rivero, Edit and Grade by Youfeng (Kinefinity) MAVO 6K, Altas Orion 40mm


OMPA Members in Focus: Adam C. Sager (2018) Directed by Kristen Kingsbury, Director of Photography Sean Conley, B cam/Audio: Pippin Beard, Gaffer: Mark Mager (OMPA, Koerner Camera) C300


Revant Optics Commercial (2018) Directed by Jourdain May, Director of Photography Elijah Austin and Evan Oliver, First Assistant Camera Sean Conley, Produced by John Cywinski (The Program)

Lensbaby Burnside Commercial (2018) Director/DP Dustin Tolman, 1st AC Sean Conley, PA Nehemiah Booker (RED Scarlet-W)

HEARSiGHT Acoustic Panels Promo (2018) Directed by Justin Fernando Valls, Director of Photography for Interviews and Band Segments Sean Conley, Sound Design Justin Fernando Valls, Editor and Colorist Sean Conley

Slow and Low: Portland and Seattle Keurig and Tully’s Coffee (2017) Directed by Natalie Johns, DP Bill Kirstein, 1st AC/Grip Sean Conley, Sound Paul Dillon, Producer Lori Fischer (Picture Farm), (Agency VML, Taylor), C300 MKII, Cooke S4/Speed Panchros


Rare Diagram “Keep Me” (2018) Director / Editor Hanna Hagen, Director of Photography / Colorist Sean Conley, Producer Emma Browne

Imprint Город моей мечты “City of my Dreams” (2017) Director/Editor: Konstantin Moskalenko, Director of Photography: Sean Conley, Colorist: Konstantin Moskalenko and Sean Conley, Drone Operator: Arthur Klassen

Grieves “Faded” (2017) Director/Editor: Timslew, DP: Dustin Tolman, 1st AC: Sean Conley, Grip: Spencer Hemann, Actress: Torrie Blake (Rhymesayers Entertainment)

Rich Hunter “Smile Again” (2017) Directed, Shot and Edited by Dustin Tolman, Cinematography/Ronin Work Sean Conley (RED Scarlet-W)

Pussy Stomp “Cooper Slug” (2017) Directed and Edited by Ben Popp, Art Direction Ryan Bruce, Director of Photography and Colorist Sean Conley (NW Film Center/Open Signal) FS7, a7sii

Months: Black Hats for War at Destination Universe (2016) Shoot/Edit/Grade Sean Conley (Human Drive Productions)


Switch and Signal Skatepark Kickstarter in Pittsburgh, PA (2017) Shoot/Edit/Grade Sean Conley (Human Drive Productions)


Call Harry (2016) Director Sambaran Chatterjee, Director of Photography/Colorist Sean Conley, Producer Jill Murphy Long (JML Productions)


Marble City (2015) Director/Cinematographer/Editor (Human Drive Productions, Prime & Fire Selects, British Film Institute) 5DMKII, a7s


Fair Use (2015) Director Doc Collins, Producer Anna Smith, Cinematographer Sean Conley and Artem Ponoramev (Entropy Squared) C100MKII