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T.Rust “House” Music Video

Sean Conley is a freelance cinematographer and 1st AC in Portland, Oregon. His recent documentary, Marble City has been screened in the the UK and South Korea. His focus is on narrative short films, documentaries, music videos and skate videos. He is the Associate Producer of the Portland Film Podcast and teaches Advanced Camera Workshops at Portland Community Media.

Sony FS7, Sony a7sii, Canon C100 MKII, Canon C300 MKII.



To Catch A Planetar (2016) Directed by Jace Daniel, Cinematography by Sean Conley

Call Harry (2016) Director Sambaran Chatterjee, Cinematographer/Colorist Sean Conley, Producer Jill Murphy Long

Zombie Day (2015) Directed by Cameron Romero, AD Todd Robinson, DP Adam Bailey, 1st Camera Sean Conley, 2nd Camera William DeJessa, 3rd Camera Artem Ponoramev Producer Josh Leake, Specialists Amy Vincent and Kevin Fletcher, Editor Ben Edwards

Portland Film Festival Zombie Promo #1 (2015) Cinematographer


Indiegogo Online Store for Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby (2016) Directed by Andy Mingo, Cinematographer: Sean Conley, Sound: Paul Dillon, Grip: Brian Petersen, Editor: Ben Edwards. Mind Pollen Studios

Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby Kickstarter Video (2016) Directed by Andy Mingo, 1st Cam: Cody Burrows, 2nd Cam: Sean Conley, Sound: Paul Dillon, Produced By Josh Leake, BTS Misty Eddy, Editor: Ben Edwards. Mind Pollen Studios

Portland Film Festival Put A Bird on it Promo (2016) Directed by Misty Eddy, AC Sean Conley

Food Fight Grocery Store Commercials (2015) Director/Cinematographer/Editor

Fearless PSU TV Spot (2015) (Sockeye) Directed by Will Magness, DP Kevin Fletcher, First AC Matt Barbee, B Cam/2nd AC Sean Conley


Portland Film Festival (2016) Cinematographer for Coffee Chats, Panels, Workshops, Red Carpet.

Portland Film Festival (2015) Camera Operator for Promo/Panels/Q &A, Interviews

Ric Jones Volunteer Award Recipient


Grunge, Punk, Politics & the Fight Against Measure 9 Feature (2017) Directed and Produced by Jeffrey R. Crawford, Cinematography, Assistant Producing by Sean Conley.

Food Truck: The Documentary (2015) Cinematographer

Marble City (2015) Director/Cinematographer/Editor (Human Drive Productions)


What Have You Got To Lose? Pilot (2016) Directed by Doc Collins, 1st Camera Sean Conley, 2nd Camera Pono Artem Ponoramev

Fair Use (2015-2016) Director Doc Collins, Producer Anna Smith, Cinematographer Sean Conley and Artem Ponoramev


Sleeping Beauties “Wheeler” (2016) Directed by Ben Popp, DP Sean Conley

Seneca “Splash” (2016) Directed/Cinematography by Dustin Tolman, 1st AC Sean Conley

Nova Eyes “Your Poison” (2016) Directed by Freddy Heath, DP Misty Eddy, AC/B Cam Sean Conley, AD Aileen Sheedy

T.Rust “House” (2013) Director/Cinematographer/Editor (Human Drive Productions)


PDX POP Now with X-Ray FM (2016) Directed by Mark Ruskamp, Cinematography Sean Conley (Sony FS7)

Sould Out Music Fest featuring Thundercat and SZA (2016) Director/1st Cam Dustin Tolman, 2nd Camera Sean Conley

all video © 2008-2208 by sean conley

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